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Womens’ rights: Changing laws, changing minds

March 5, 2018

In Mozambique, Oxfam and its partners are strengthening laws that protect the basic rights of women.

News update

Everyone loves an inspiring song, especially the KUUMBA kids.



February 27, 2018

In Qayyarah, Iraq, an ISIS stronghold until October 2016, youth who were stripped of basic rights under Islamic State (ISIS) rule are clamoring for a chance at a brighter future.


My journey with Kuumba

February 22, 2018

We are determined to remain strong and uphold the values that have long made Oxfam a force for good in the world.

News update

February 16, 2018

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KUUMBA Summer Camp utilizes the KUUMBA Method of Learning through Creativity, Fun and Discovery. The real learning begins as we discover the gift that we each came to know, refine, and to share with the world.

1.   We believe that it is important for a child to discover what he/she came to bring to the world.


2.   We believe that what a child came to bring to the world will be divinely related to what he loves to do.


3.  We believe that the more exposure anyone has to Nature, the Arts and Creative Sciences by means of fun-filled hands on interactive-activities, out of doors play and field trips to places that spark the imagination; the happier and more inspired the child will be.


4.   We believe that inspiration activates potential and that a true education will reveal and hone the true potential in the child; and that the child will then be encouraged to bring his or her mighty gifts to the world.

Now in our seventh year of Summer Camps we are in enthusiastic preparation for daily fun-filled excursions to various locations, but also for adventures that will bring the world to our doorstep through the explorations of art, foods, music and stories of people who live in Los Angeles but have immigrated from around the world. This will be a camp to remember as our campers discover some of the ways that folks from Senegal, Ghana, Japan, Italy and of course… Mexico, do what they do.




We don’t need a plane! We have (KUUMBA Bus) Felicia and (KUUMBA Van) Vanessa that will roll through Greater Los Angeles discovering how folks do what they do. Celebrate the summer with us for four dynamic weeks of KUUMBA SUMMER CAMP activities like:

Every year we embark on a fantastic journey through out Los Angeles. We have so many great adventures for our kids each year! Your donations help us make that happen. Donate to next years Kuumba Summer Camp here.

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Your Donations


For your accounting purposes: KIMET- KUUMBA Federal Tax ID is 45-5253321. KIMET-KUUMBA also known as Kuumba In Motion is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) public charity


Checks can be made out to Kuumba and sent to PO Box 35779, Los Angeles CA 90035

Donations from our KUUMBA/B-hood Devotionals are used to pay our Musicians, Tech and Media teams who collectively deliver powerful performances every week. KUUMBA’s  strategic alliances with other non-profits and businesses in Lemeirt Park (at the Hot N Cool Cafe) and in South Los Angeles (Mamahillshelp.org) provide opportunities to support others where and when we can. So your donations help to feed people, support families in distress, and they help us to inspire whole communities with Devotional music.

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